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Montezuma’s revenge

We had almost cleared quarantine, so why were we suddenly all feeling rotten? Kellee Mayfield listens to rap music while painting. Photo courtesy of Jane Chapin. “Kellee,” I said quietly over breakfast, “you need to take my temperature.” Kellee Mayfieldhas this nifty no-touch thermometer that she aims at your forehead. If you’re below 100° F, […]

Adrian Holmes: Traditional Eastern Influence in Contemporary Print

Adrian Holmes’ addiction to the art of mokuhanga has led him to develop a warm and engaging approach as a teacher and a distinct and playful style within his practice. Following study in Japan and years of exploring the capabilities of this process, Adrian now makes work to commission as well as non-commissioned work that […]

On the road with COVID-19

What does the word quarantinemean? It changes every day. Glaciar Cagliero from Rio Electrico, by Carol L. Douglas, 11X14, available. Yesterday I outlined the problems we will have if we break quarantine to head back to the airport. These were reinforced by an email from the US State Department, which told us to comply with […]