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Adrian Holmes: Traditional Eastern Influence in Contemporary Print

Adrian Holmes’ addiction to the art of mokuhanga has led him to develop a warm and engaging approach as a teacher and a distinct and playful style within his practice. Following study in Japan and years of exploring the capabilities of this process, Adrian now makes work to commission as well as non-commissioned work that […]

On the road with COVID-19

What does the word quarantinemean? It changes every day. Glaciar Cagliero from Rio Electrico, by Carol L. Douglas, 11X14, available. Yesterday I outlined the problems we will have if we break quarantine to head back to the airport. These were reinforced by an email from the US State Department, which told us to comply with […]

Jordan Wolfson on Tapistry, an online painting collaborative

by Elana Hagler I previously interviewed Jordan Wolfson for Painting Perceptions in 2012. Recently, I have taken notice of a new online educational project he is about to launch (starting January 14th, 2020). Rather than focusing on skill-development, this program tackles the big questions of how we exist as painters in this quickly-changing world in […]

Women in the wild

Women are the majority of plein air painters, but some are afraid to be outside working alone. The Alaska Range, by Carol L. Douglas Louise-Joséphine Sarazin de Belmont was a landscape painter who traveled around Italy painting ‘views’ at a time when nice women were expected to be chaperoned in public. She made a tidy […]

Tess Gray: Inspired By The Goan Landscape

Tess Gray is an artist born in South Wales, UK, who currently works in Cardiff. Studies from life, automatic sketching, photography, and found images are used in her process, resulting in works which reflect human experiences, from the mysterious and fantastical to the banal. As explored in her work Bacterium Stroll, shortlisted for Jackson’s Painting […]

Monday Morning Art School: don’t buy ‘hues’

The imperfection of paint is what gives it its liveliness and depth, but it also makes mixing colors tricky. Autumn, by Carol L. Douglas. This painting contains no reds. The red tones are a combination of cadmium orange and quinacridone magenta. A “hue,” is made a blend of less-expensive pigments that mimics more expensive ones. There […]